Configuration Error When Loading InsightCM Web Application

Updated Dec 18, 2019

Reported In


  • InsightCM

Issue Details

I recently installed InsightCM Server on my computer. When I try to access the web application at http://localhost:82/icm I get taken to a page with a Configuration Error.


This error indicates that the NI InsightCM MongoDB service is not running. 
  1. On the server computer, enter Windows+R to open the Run tool.
  2. Enter services.msc.
  3. In the Service Manager, locate NI InsightCM MongoDB
  4. Right-click on the NI InsightCM MongoDB service and select Start

  1.  After NI InsightCM MongoDB is running, restart the NI InsightCM 3.x service. 
If the NI InsightCM MongoDB service won't start or if it starts and then stops immediately, it could indicate a corruption in the MongoDB installation. Please contact NI Technical Support if this is the case for next steps on restoring the server.