Generate Multiple Reports in TestStand

Updated Nov 15, 2019

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  • TestStand

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In TestStand, I would like to generate more than one report in order to create them as different file formats. For example, one XML and one ASCII Text file. I can do this manually on my current computer by going to Configure >> Results Processing. However, is there a simple way to add this configuration to another test setup so I do not have have to manually add it each time I set up a system?


  1. First you will need to create a new Configuration In TestStand by the following the steps below:
1. Open TestStand and go to Configure>>Results Processing
2. Ensure the Show More Options Box is selected.
3. Then from the Active Configuration drop down menu, select Manage Configurations. This will open a new window.
4. In the Manage Result Processing Configurations window, add a New Configuration by selecting the blue + button. This will populate a New Configuration. Note: You can rename this New Configuration.
6. Select the New Configuration to open another Result Processing Window.
7. Here you can add the needed Reports by selecting the blue + button>>Generate Report. Once you have created the number of Reports you need, you can configure each report as needed.
  1. Once you have created the New Configuration, you can send over the configuration file to the PC you are setting up.
1. You can find this file by navigating to the following path on your computer. C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2017 (32-bit)\Cfg\ModelPlugins Note: You should select the version of TestStand you are using.
2. Within the ModelPlugins folder there will be a ResultProcessing.cfg file.
3. You will need to send this file (only this file) over to the new test system PC. Then on that PC, simply replace the same ResultProcessing.cfg  with the once you just created in order for the new test PC to take on the same settings.