How Is the Verdict of CB144 Test Case Defined?

Updated Apr 8, 2024

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  • Micropross Accessories


SW : EMV PICC Analog test suite, MPManager 3


Issue Details

We have some FAILs in CB144 test case that would need further explanation.

Would you give us a hint at how these test verdicts are generated? 

Would these results consider as PASS in a test scenario?


For each character in the ATQB, all timing intervals calculated shall be equal to (128 * n) 1/fc +/- 2/fc.


Here is one example of the result of a failed test:

Measuring the timing interval of character 12
Character value: 73
Interval 1 = 9.218 µs
Interval 1 = 125.0 1/fc
Interval 1 is not equal to 1 * 128 ± ε

To get a pass, the timing should be between 126 * 1/fc and 130 * 1/fc.

Moreover, if at least one timing is outside of the interval, the whole CB144 test case will fail.

Additional Information

From PICC to PCD, bit boundaries within a character shall only occur at nominal positions of rising or falling edges of the subcarrier: (n × 128) ± 2/fC, with n being the considered integer number of bits since the start bit.

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