Conversion of Data from .Bfl File Leads to Wrong Results in DIAdem

Updated Dec 6, 2019

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  • DIAdem

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I create a .bfl file in CANalyzer and want to convert defined data with DIAdem using Bus Log Converter. I defined a bus data configuration, the conversion works, but the result does not fit the results of the conversion which I do in other tools. Why does the conversion show different converted data in DIAdem?


Follow the steps below to make sure you are doing the conversion properly.
  1. If you have used CANalyzer in version 10 SP3 or higher to create your log files, then you have to use DIAdem 2018 SP1 and higher to convert the .blf file. Starting with DIAdem 2018 SP1 bus log converter was updated to handle extended CAN frames. If you do not do this .blf file import may fail with extended settings
  2. Open bus log converter in DIAdem and define your conversion configuration:
A) Logfile: Please choose file type and path 
B) Bus database configuration: Most important part of the bus log converter, please do the configuration according to 3.) and 4.)
C) Further settings: With Bus filter it is possible to select defined buses 
D) Result: Specify the path for the created .tdm file
  1. Please click on Edit in section B. You will then see the "Edit Bus-Database Configuration" window where you can define a name and a description. You also have to add a bus via the red marked plus. 
  2. When you add a bus you will see the "Add Bus to Configuration" window. There you should define a bus type, bus number, name and a database file. Select the corresponding bus type, the bus number is the most important information in here and corresponds to the configuration of the .bfl file. For example: If you select as bus type CAN and as bus number 1, then you choose the first CAN bus in this .bfl file. Please do not select 0, because this leads to an incorrect conversion. The bus name should fit to your definition in the .bfl file, because it is then easier to know which bus is defined. As last step you have to add a database file via the red marked plus. When you want to convert a CAN bus you have to choose a .dbc file or if you want to convert a FlexRAY bus you have to choose a .xml file.  
  3. Define a path for the .tdm file and click Convert.