Generating a Periodic Digital Signal with NI PXI(e)

Updated Nov 15, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-6612
  • PXI Counter/Timer Module

Issue Details

I need to generate a 1 PPS signal from my PXI(e) system to simulate a GPS signal.  What kind of hardware and software would be ideal?


Since the 1 PPS signal is very predictable and is simply on and off for given amounts of time, I would recommend a PXI(e) Counter Timer module such as the PXIe-6612

Additional Information

The 6612 and other counter modules can be programmed using NI-DAQmx to count the number of clock ticks and output the appropriate value to an output line.  For a 1 PPS signal, you can specify either clock ticks or a given time for the output to be high and low and the card will output the appropriate values.