Error -17501 Unable to Load Test Environment CVI Adapter When Opening TestStand

Updated May 24, 2021

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When I open the TestStand sequence editor, TestStand crashes and I receive a message stating:
- Error 17501: Unable to load Test Environment adapter
The error message asks me for a CVI file but I do not have CVI installed. How do I fix this error?


The problem can be fixed by changing a DCOM setting on your computer : 
1. Go to Start»Control Panel»Administrative Tools»Component Services
2. Expand the Component Services tree
3. Navigate to Computers»My Computer»DCOM Config»NI TestStand AutoMgr
4. Right-click NI TestStand AutoMgr and go to Properties (If you do not see the NI TestStand AutoMgr listed, please see the note below)
5. Click on the Identity tab
6. Choose the Launching User to run this application
7. Click on Apply
8. Close the Component Services window

Note: If you cannot complete these instructions because the TestStand AutoMgr is not listed under DCOM config, you can try an alternate troubleshooting step. You can repair install TestStand by navigating to Control Panel»Add or Remove Programs. This will also eliminate error 17501.