How to Remove Serial Number from UUT TestStand ASCII Report

Updated Nov 27, 2019

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  • TestStand

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I'm using TestStand and I would like to remove the serial number from the ASCII report. How can I do it?


TestStand offers many report formats, each with advantages and disadvantages.  The report generator calls format-specific sequence files to generate the report text (e.g. ReportGen_ATML.seq) as described in TestStand Report Generation and Customization.
If you want easly remove the serial number from UUT ASCII report you can modify the reportgen_txt.seq located in <TestStand>\Components\Models\TestStandModels\ skipping the step Add UUT Serial Number as you can see in the image below:

Additional Information

If you want to avoid overwriting the default sequence installed by TestStand you can copy the original sequence in <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\TestStandModels\ directory and modify it.