FlexLogger Fails to Launch or Crashes Immediately When Opened

Updated Apr 8, 2024

Reported In


  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

  • Every time I try to launch FlexLogger the software either fails to launch or begins opening but then crashes immediately. The following error message pops up:
FlexLogger has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
  • My FlexLogger application crashes with an access violation error:
Exception: Access violation (0xC0000005) at ...


What can I do in order to launch FlexLogger correctly?


FlexLogger might not launch correctly due to an incorrect installation, user permissions issues or a security software blocking the application from starting.
One of the initial steps you can take is to check the Windows Event Viewer for any errors, like the ones shown below:



For these application errors, you can try the next troubleshooting steps:
  • Run FlexLogger as administrator.
  • Try temporarily disabling your Firewall and antivirus. Some functionalities or files that FlexLogger needs to launch correctly could be disabled by security software. If FlexLogger launches correctly after this, you will need to add the exceptions needed to keep the security software enabled and avoid it affecting FlexLogger.
    • If you are using the Sophos anti-malware software, apply an Exploit Mitigation Exclusion for niroco.exe located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\roco directory. This file is often blocked by the antivirus.
  • This problem can occur if the FlexLogger.exe application file is installed in a location other than C:\Program Files\National Instruments\[FlexLogger version]. For example, in the image above showing Application Error 1000, you can see that the faulting application path is C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2018\FlexLogger.exe which is not the correct installation path. If this is true in your case:
    1. Go to the location called out in the Application Error 1000 message in Event Viewer. You should see FlexLogger.exe located there.
    2. Move FlexLogger.exe to its correct directory: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\[FlexLogger version].
  • If FlexLogger.exe is already pleaced in the correct location, perform a repair of FlexLogger via the NI Package Manager or remove and reinstall the software on your PC to make sure that the software is installed without errors.