What is the Suggested HDMI Cable Specification for NI-573x?

Updated Nov 8, 2019

Reported In


  • NI-5731
  • NI-5732
  • NI-5733
  • NI-5734

Issue Details

I want to use HDMI cable as a AUX I/O connector. The manual says it accepts a standard, third-party HDMI cable. 
What is the suggested specification of HDMI cable?


Suggested specification of HDMI cable is a shielded cable with 50 Ω trace impedance, 

Additional Information

NI 5731/5732/5733/5734R User Guide and Specifications states that output impedance of HDMI interface logic is 50 Ω±20%.
This specification also matches with NI's accessory device (SHH19-H19-SUX Shielded Single-Ended Cable).

NI is not liable for any damage resulting from using third-party cables. 
Also, please keep in mind to not connect the AUX I/O port into the HDMI port of another device.