PXIe Module Causes Hang or Blue Screen on New Computer

Updated Jun 8, 2022

Reported In


  • PXIe-5163
  • PXIe-5164
  • PXIe-5170
  • PXIe-5171
  • PXIe-5172
  • PXIe-5624
  • PXIe-6591
  • PXIe-6592
  • PXIe-7971
  • PXIe-7972
  • PXIe-7975
  • PXIe-7976

Issue Details

I have a PXIe module. When I use it with a certain computer, the system does not boot properly - sometimes, it causes a blue screen with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR as a stop code, and other times it hangs at a blank screen.


This may be related to a known issue that comes from a feature on some processors called ECRC (End-to-end Cyclic Redundancy Code). This extra feature is rarely used, but some Intel chips ship with it enabled by default. Certain modules are unable to handle this optional feature, which causes the system to crash. There are a couple of options to resolve this issue: 

  1. Disable ECRC on the host. This process varies from computer to computer and is often not a trivial process. Contact your motherboard vendor for more information on this process. 
  2. Switch to a host computer that does not implement ECRC, or a PXIe device that is not affected by it.
  3. Contact NI Support for further explanation. 

Additional Information

NI PXIe controllers are never shipped with ECRC enabled. This issue would most likely occur only when using an MXI connection to communicate with a third-party computer. NI has observed ECRC being on by default on an Intel Server Board S2600ST Family motherboard with an Intel Xeon Gold 5218 processor.