Installing the ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand

Updated Feb 6, 2020

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  • VeriStand
  • TestStand

Issue Details

Where can I install the ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand for my version of VeriStand?


The ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand can be acquired through NI Package Manager (NIPM) using the below steps.
  1. Open NI Package Manager from the Start Menu. 
  2. Under Browse Products, select Application Software.
  3. Navigate to VeriStand and Drivers.
  4. On the VeriStand and Drivers installation page, select 2019 R2 (or later) under the Version drop-down field, and select Install.
  5. In the Select products page, click Next.
  6. In the Additional items you may wish to install page, ensure ASAM XIL TestStand Steps is selected and proceed through the remaining prompts to finish installation.

Additional Information

In NIPM, VeriStand 2019 R2 is the earliest version of VeriStand that includes the ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand. The ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand package distributed in VeriStand 2019 R2 is compatible with older VeriStand versions starting with VeriStand 2018 and also supports TestStand versions starting with TestStand 2017 on.

Note: The VeriStand software product line changed to a quarterly release cycle in 2019, with 2019 R2, debuting in Q4 2019. 

The VeriStand 2018 ASAM XIL Steps for NI TestStand download page is no longer relevant, as the package available via NIPM is designed to be backwards compatible for VeriStand 2019 and 2018 (and service packs).