SCXI-1162 Inputs Remain Logic Low Regardless of Input

Updated Nov 6, 2019

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  • SCXI-1162

Issue Details

My SCXI-1162 configures correctly in MAX and the chassis passes all the self-tests, but my readings (LEDs) in the test panels do not respond to my actual inputs. Why do all my channels return logic low regardless of the input?


The SCXI-1162 consist of eight banks of four optically isolated digital inputs. Each bank of inputs has a separate connection for the positive voltage (Vcc) of a 5 to 10 V supply. The four inputs of each bank are referenced to the Vcc of that bank; therefore, for any bank of inputs to work, a Vcc must be connected to that bank. Refer to the SCXI-1162 User Manual for the details about configuring the SCXI-1162.