Activate NI Software as Part of a Volume License Agreement

Updated Aug 25, 2023



  • License Manager

If your company has a Volume License Agreement (VLA) or Enterprise Agreement (EA) with NI, you will activate the NI software on your computer by connecting to the volume license server. Your company will have a volume license administrator who will have details on how your company's server is configured and if you need to take any special steps to gain access to the software you need.

Note: If you are a student and your school has an Academic Volume License, follow guidance from Activating NI Software as a Student Through an Academic License.

  1. Ensure NI License Manager (NILM)  is installed on your machine
    • The NILM automatically installs when you download any NI software, but you can also download it as a stand-alone product.
  2. Connect to the volume license server from your computer by following the steps in Setting up and Removing Volume License Server Access.
    • If your company is using Unmanaged Concurrent licenses, your license configuration should be complete and you should have access to your software. 
      • Note that licensing occurs when you launch the software, so you will not see a "Licensed" status until you open your NI software.
  3. Obtain a license following the guidance of your company's volume license administrator. Your software admin will know the guidelines for your company's licensing usage and the internal procedures to get you a license for the software you need.
For more information about NI licensing options, visit Understanding NI Software Policies or read our Software Activation Privacy Statement