Activating NI Software as a Student Through an Academic License

Updated Jun 14, 2024

If you are a student using NI Software that was provided by your school, use this article to activate your software license. 

Begin by contacting your software administrator to determine how your school handles NI Software student licenses. Then use the appropriate section below.

Student Install Option (SIO)

  1. Request the SIO serial number to your school's IT department.
    • Your IT staff may need to contact NI if they cannot find the serial number or if they are not sure whether they have an AVL.
    • Note that our support team cannot and will not give serial numbers nor activation codes directly to students.
  2. Follow the Serial Number Activation steps in Activating NI Software to activate software.
    • Note: For a serial number-based activation, an active NI User Account is required.
The Student Install Option licenses automatically expire after one year. After expiration, contact your license administrator to renew your license with a new serial number.

Connecting to the Volume License Server.

  1. Contact your IT admin and provide the requested information, which may include:
    • Your full name.
    • Your Windows username.
    • Computer name.
    • Computer ID.
  2. Then follow the steps in Configure NI License Manager to Point to a VLM Server to connect to the school's Volume License Server.