Synchronizing Multiple PXIe-S5090 Vector Network Analyzers

Updated Oct 27, 2022

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  • PXIe-S5090

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I have multiple PXIe-S5090 Vector Network Analyzers (VNA). I want to synchronize them together. I know NI has synchronization technology like NI-TCLK. Is it possible to synchronize two or more PXIe-S5090 together?


The PXIe-S5090 is a 2-port VNA that helps you measure amplitude, phase, and impedance. It was co-developed by Copper Mountain™ Technologies and NI.

Some customers might be interested in synchronizing multiple PXIe-S5090 together to create 4-port or 6-port VNAs. Nevertheless, this device does not possess the ability to synchronize its channels with other VNAs.

Therefore, it is impossible to use any NI synchronization technology to take multi-device measurements using the PXIe-S5090.