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Upload Package to SystemLink Repository Using HTTP API

Updated Oct 26, 2022



  • SystemLink Server

In SystemLink Server, HTTP APIs allow you to programmatically access SystemLink data services outside of the NI SystemLink Web Application. You can use HTTP APIs to leverage SystemLink data services with text commands.

This tutorial will show you how to upload a package to the SystemLink repository using HTTP APIs from Swagger UI. You can use the same HTTP APIs to implement it in LabVIEW programmatically.


  1. Open NI SystemLink Web Application, go to System Management and select Package Repository. At the top right, you can find the Help option, then select HTTP API to use Package Repository Service in the Swagger UI.
  1. Open the Package Repository again and create a new Test feed. The new feed will not have any packages as shown in the picture below.
  1. At the Swagger UI, use nirepo​/v1/feeds function to check the list of feeds in our SystemLink server. You can see that the "Test" feed will be displayed on the server response, make sure to copy the Test feed ID.
  1. Use nirepo​/v1​/upload-packages function to upload the packages to the pool and copy the Job ID.
  1. Then, use nirepo​/v1/jobs/{jobId} function to get the Package ID of the uploaded package.
  1. Lastly, use nirepo​/v1​/feeds​/{feedId}​/add-package-references function to add package to the "Test" feed.

After you follow all the steps, you will find out that the package will be uploaded into the "Test" feed.