Error -1074384377 Occered When Exporting Ldf File in NI-XNET Database Editor

Updated Apr 24, 2020

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Issue Details

When I export LDF file from NI-XNET Database Editor, some warning and error occur.
  • I just create a cluster with a single frame and signal, I get following warning:
The cluster cannot be exported. Make sure that the cluster has exactly one master ECU, at least one slave ECU and at least one signal.
The warning is shown in following dialog box.

  • When I create a cluster with master, slave ECU and signal as warning said. I still get an error when exporting.ldf file:
Error -1074384377 occurred at XNET Database
Possible reason(s):
NI-XNET: (Hex 0xBFF63207) Exporting cluster into the specified database tupe failed. Sulotion: Ensure the database configuration is completed. Refer to the standard documentation for the ralated file format.

The error is shown in the following dialog box.
How to solve these problems?


You should follow the LIN Description File(LDF) specification to create the file. The website can help you understand the protocol of LDF. As the warning said, there are three basic elements in LDF: master, slave and signal. Except diagnostic ID 60 and 61, other signal ID 0-59 must be included in Transmitted/Received Frames Dialog in pairs.