What Happens If NI-9350 Itself Is Broken?

Updated Jun 28, 2020

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  • NI-9350
  • C Series Functional Safety Module

Issue Details

I want to make sure that NI-9350 has a hardware logic which detects any failures within itself. What happens if the module is malfunctioning?


NI-9350 has a Self Diagnostics portion within the circuit which detects hardware faults and triggers Fail-safe Mode. 

Additional Information

Refer to P3 of NI 9350 Datasheet for a circuit diagram. Each parts drawn in blue are implemented as hardware logic and each in green are as software logic. 
Self Diagnostics is a hardware logic which detects faults within the module, which are situations such as:
  • Short condition on both DO FETs on a single output channel
  • Overvoltage on Vsup
  • Internal overvoltage faults 
When faults are detected, the Fail-safe Mode is triggered which de-energizes all outputs from the C Series Functional Safety module and stops the User Program.