Configuring Ethernet Device for Dual Port RT Controller

Updated Apr 24, 2020

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  • PXI Controller
  • PXIe-8840

Issue Details

I am trying to connect an ethernet device to the second ethernet(eth1) port on PXIe-8840. However, the ethernet device does not show up in NI-MAX. It seems that the ethernet device is detected by NI-MAX or the PXIe controller. 
How can I configure an IP address for the ethernet device?

I have followed Configure Dual Ethernet Ports on Real-Time Controllers and Connect an Ethernet RIO Expansion Chassis to a Secondary Ethernet Port on a Real-Time Controller. However, the ethernet device is still not detected in NI-MAX.


There are two parts of IP address configurations, an RT controller side(eth 0, eth 1)  and an ethernet device side. 

RT controller Ethernet Port Configuration
1. You can follow the link below. 2. Make sure that IPv4 Addresses for both eth 0 and eth 1 are different from each other.  
3. Make sure that IPv4 Address for eth 1 is as x.x.x.1
For example, you can see the IPv4 address is as shown below.

Note: This picture is from Figure 6. Configure Secondary NIC

Ethernet Device Configuration
1. Make sure you have the same subnet IP address as IPv4 address of eth 1.
2. Make sure you have the same subnet mask as the subnet  mask of eth 1.
3. Make sure you have the gateway address as IPv4 address of eth 1.

For example, you can configure an ethernet device as below to communicate with the RT controller on the picture above. 
IPv4 Address :  (10.0.18.x can be used except "1") 
Subnet Mask :
Gateway :