Error 537702 When Using Scan Engine and EtherCAT Custom Device for VeriStand

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Issue Details

I am using the Scan Engine and EtherCAT Custom Device for VeriStand. I get the error 537702 when I try to auto-detect the modules in my chassis or when I deploy my VeriStand project to the target.

Error 537702 occurred at Project Window.lvlib:Project >> Project Window.lvlib:Command >> Project Window.lvlib:Connect to

Possible reasons:
There was a mismatch between the modules configured in the system definition and what was detected on the target system.


This error can occur for a few different reasons:
  • You have added a module to your chassis in the Custom Device that does not exist in your actual chassis.
Make sure that the modules configured in the Scan Engine and EtherCAT custom device are physically present in your chassis. Remove any modules that are not present to avoid this error.
  • Using hybrid mode on the cRIO
If you are using your cRIO with some modules in scan mode and others in FPGA mode, this error will be thrown if you are trying to access the modules in the wrong programming mode. For example, if you have added a module to the chassis and configured it to be in FPGA mode, but in the VeriStand System Definition you try to access it in scan mode, you will get this error. Make sure that you are following closely the instructions in Using FPGA and Real-Time Scan Resources in the VeriStand Scan Engine Custom Device, which shows how to deploy your modules in the correct programming mode. If you are using a cRIO-904x or cRIO-905x, see the note in Additional Information below.
  • cRIO is in a bad state
If the above cases do not apply and you are still getting this error, your cRIO may be in an incorrect state. Format the cRIO and reinstall VeriStand and any other dependencies to the cRIO, then try deploying the VeriStand project again. This can sometimes clear problems with module detection in the cRIO.

Additional Information

If you are using a cRIO-904x or cRIO-905x, the programming mode for the module can be changed in NI MAX. Open NI MAX and expand the list of Remote Systems to find your cRIO. Expand Devices and Interfaces for the cRIO to see your modules. Click on each module to view or change its programming mode. Please be aware that not all modules support all programming modes.