Cannot Access Custom Systemlink Server URI

Updated Apr 23, 2020

Reported In


  • SystemLink

Issue Details

I set the DNS alias in the NI Web Server referring to the SystemLink Manual , while I cannot access the custom URL. As shown below:


If you want to use the custom URL to replace the default URL, you should purchase the  domain alias from a certain operator to make sure the server's IP can be obtained by the DNS server. 

If it is not necessary for you to use the custom URL, just use the default URL following the next steps:

1. Open NI Web Server and change the Preferred host name for generated URLs and certificates on the Remote tab.
  • Click the Use default button. This will use the default host name, which is same as the computer name.

  • You can also choose other options in the drop-down list, such as IP, computer name plus domain name, etc.
2. Click Apply and restart button to save the change and restart the NI Web Server.

3. After the server restarts, click the newly generated URL on the NI Web Server Summary tab to visit the SystemLink Web Application login interface.