How to Display Product Name in Systemlink Test Monitor

Updated Apr 23, 2020

Reported In


  • SystemLink
  • TestStand

Issue Details

I have integrated TestStand with SystemLink to send information from TestStand to the SystemLink server in real time following the SystemLink Manual. While I cannot find the product name in the test result, as shown in the picture below:



Integrating SystemLink Test Monitor with TestStand will send test metadata from TestStand to the SystemLink Server, while the product name cannot be uploaded to the SystemLink Server automatically. Please follow the following steps to add the product name to the SystemLink test results.

1. Complete the steps in the SystemLink manual to integrate TestStand with SystemLink.
2. Open the TestStand project and override PreUUT Model Callbacks.
  • Select Edit>>Sequence File Callbacks to launch the Sequence File Callbacks dialog box, in which you can select the PreUUT callback.
  • If the Present column specifies yes, click Add. Otherwise, Click OK to close the sequence File Callbacks dialog box.
  • On the Sequences pane, select the PreUUT callback. Add a statement containing the product name to the PreUUT sequence like the picture below:
  • Select Execute»Test UUTs to run the sequence. The PreUUT callback executes instead of the PreUUT callback in the process model, so we can find the product name in the Test Results of the SysteLink Test Monitor.