Error xBFF62024 on NI-CAN Write

Updated Apr 29, 2020

Issue Details

LabVIEW's Error Out cluster shows me an Error xBFF62024 when I am trying to run NI-CAN Write by using Call Library Function. The PCI-CAN is working properly on other tester and passed NI-MAX self test. But when it is used on our newly setup Windows 7 computer, this issue occurred. Once this issue occurred, I have to restart the computer in order to have the PCI-CAN works again.
Error Code: xBFF62024
Error Source:
NI-CAN Write
CAN Network Interface Object (


Error xBFF62024 indicates that the object handle (ObjHandle) is invalid. Kindly ensure the following is fulfilled in your application:
  • Verify that the Open function succeeded
  • Verify that you did not close the handle in another thread of execution (such as with ncReset)
  • Verify that you call Close function at the end of your application.¬†Close function will release the resource so you may perform your next execution. Else, the resource will keep occupied.