Cannot Connect to Datafinder Instance Using Data Navigator

Updated Apr 21, 2020

Reported In


  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module

Issue Details

I'm using SystemLink and I've created a datafinder instance. But when I go to the data navigator from the home screen and try to connect to my instance (double clicking on the instance or clicking the gear) I get an error in the top right that says "Could not connect with the server: MyDataFinder ."
Clicking on details yields the following:
Bad Request: EXCEPTION: AoException: AO_UNKNOWN_ERROR (0):RequestorBase(382):ERROR(65):DataFinder is no longer connected.

How to solve the problem?


You can follow the steps to solve this problem:
      1. Reset the Naming Service in NI SystemLink TDM Configuration
      2.  In Data Indexing, stop and restart my DataFinder instance.