Communication Issue on Qi Power Transfer Test Case

Updated May 6, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW : MP500 TCL3, MP500 PT1, TPT, TPR

SW : MPManager 3, Qi Base Station test suite

Issue Details

I have issues to establish power transfer between the Qi TPR and the DUT. The test case is looping between Ping and Selection phase.

How can I establish the power transfer?


You will have to adjust two parameters: the positioning and the MaxAnalogPing option.

  • You will first have to ensure that you are at the right positioning. To do so, a pop-up will show in real time the current signal strength measured. The "no offset" position is the one where the maximum Signal strength measured is received.
  • Then, you can also increase the MaxAnalogPing duration option, as long as you respect the Treset(max) = 28 ms of the receiver :