"Passing Command Line Parameters.vi" Does Not Pass Arguments

Updated Apr 16, 2020

Issue Details

I am running the Passing Command Line Parameters.vi shipping example in LabVIEW. I create the Command Line String using the VI with the parameters in the argument. Once the Command Line String is done I open the Windows Command Prompt and run LV with the generated string. 
However when the command is executed and LabVIEW opens I do not see the arguments listed and no control on the FronT Panel is filled.


To get the arguments when a new LabVIEW VI is launched no instance of LabVIEW should be running on the computer. This means that after you generate the command string you should close LabVIEW. After the LabVIEW is closed you can run the command and LabVIEW will be able to fill in all the arguments to the Front Panel of the opening VI.