How to Set Priorities of the Multiple DataPlugIn for the Same Extension

Updated Apr 14, 2020

Reported In


  • DIAdem



Issue Details

  • Some data that was loaded well by DIAdem. But, it suddenly cannot be loaded or changes to unexpected data. Why?
  • Two DataPlugIns support for the .DAT file extension. How do I assign priorities to which DataplugIn should be used first?


If the data is not loaded correctly to the DIAdem, make sure that the correct Dataplugin is being used.

When opening a data file in DIAdem, DIAdem only uses the filename extension to decide which DataPlugin to use to load the file. If several DataPlugins are assigned to one filename extension, for example *.DAT, you can change the DataPlugin priorities in the DataFinder configuration.

To determine the order in which DIAdem uses the DataPlugins, select Settings»My DataFinder»Configure in DIAdem NAVIGATOR. Click the File extension tab and specify the priority list.
You can raise or lower specific DataPlugIn. The top priority one would be chosen first whenever the corresponding extension file loaded in DIAdem.