How to plot data with different sample speed in LabVIEW graph

Updated Sep 15, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • How do I plot multiple channel data with acquired at different sample rates on one LabIVEW graph?
  • How do I plot data with inconsistent sample rates on a single LabVIEW graph?


The proper type of LabVIEW graph is different when the data have a constant sample rate(dt) and when it is not constant. Typically, the way to plot this graph is the waveform graph and the XY graph, respectively.
  • Waveform Graphs and Charts—Display data typically acquired at a constant rate (including components : t0, dt, Y; For more detail, refer this LabVIEW help). Below is an example.
  • XY Graphs—Display data acquired at a non-constant rate and data for multivalued functions. Below is an example.