Cannot Find Free DAC-kernel List Entry in DIAdem

Updated Apr 10, 2020

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

When configuring a DAC block in DIAdem, I receive the following error:
Cannot find free DAC-kernel list entry for the Visual signal. Please increase the number of Visual signals in the DIAdem DAC device configuration (DAC-kenel parameters)


The number of signals is limited to a maximum of 5000. Follow the steps below to configure it:
1. In the menu bar, select Settings DIAdem Settings.
2. In the DIAdem Settings window, under Panel select DAC/VISUAL > Mea. Kernel... button. 
3. In Measurement Kernel Settings window, select VISUAL then modify the Signals value. Depending on the type of DAC device reported in the error, you can configure the signals value for different DAC devices.