How To Use Start Trigger Function with NI-SCOPE

Updated Apr 21, 2020

Reported In


  • PXI-5105
  • PCI-5105
  • PXIe-5105
  • PXI-5122
  • PCI-5122
  • PXIe-5122
  • PXI-5124
  • PCI-5124
  • PCI-5112
  • PXI-5112
  • PXI-5620
  • PXI-5621
  • PXI-5922
  • PCI-5922
  • PXI-5114
  • PCI-5114
  • PXIe-5114
  • PXI-5142
  • PCI-5142
  • PXIe-5142
  • PCI-5152
  • PXI-5152
  • PCI-5154
  • PXI-5154
  • PXI-5153
  • PCI-5153
  • PXIe-5622
  • PXIe-5186
  • PXIe-5185
  • PXIe-5162
  • PXIe-5160
  • PXI Oscilloscope



Issue Details

How to use the "Start trigger" function with NI-SCOPE just like in DAQmx? I tried to use "niScope Configure Trigger (poly)" but it did not work as I expected.


You are not able to specify a "Start Trigger" directly with the NI-SCOPE API. If you want to do so, you'll need to use NI-SCOPE property node instead of API. The image below show the property node that allows you to specify the start trigger source.

LabVIEW provides some NI-SCOPE examples, which you can use for quick development. The program below is comming from niSxope EX Fetch You can use an external signal as a start trigger like the program below.

Additional Information

The "Trigger Source" in niScope API is different with "Start Trigger Source" in NI-SCOPE property node. You can look at its diagram to understand what triggers are used with this device.