DIAdem Data From My Channels Are Not Shown in My Report Template

Updated Apr 9, 2020

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I want to visualize data using my DIAdem report template. I know that my template has worked correctly in the past. My loaded data fit to this template, the channels have the right names and format. But whatever I try the plots are not shown in the report. What can I do? Where can I start to troubleshoot this? 


When plots in DIAdem are not shown in a report template this can be related to the channel properties. Please have a look on following example. In there the data of the channel RPM1 and RPM 2 are the same.
  1. You normally should see same plot on the right and on the left. But this is not the case. 
  2. You see that the channels are added correctly to the Simple 2D Axis System. [1]/Time:[1]/RPM1 and [1]/Time:[1]/RPM2
  3. You see pictures from the data portal in which the names of the channels are RPM1 and RPM2
  4. If you have a closer look to the channel properties you see a difference in the names. RPM1 and RPM2... 
  5. When you copy both entries in an editor like Notepad++ and enable the display of all symbols you see additional characters like CR LF which stand for Carriage Return and Line Feed 
  6. If you delete those special characters from the property the plot will be shown correctly