Customize TestStand Steps using Substeps

Updated Jun 2, 2023



  • TestStand

Operating System

  • Windows

Custom Step type allows to manage the action implemented in the TestStand Sequence Editor. In particular the usage of Substeps, allows to set-up some specific actions on the primary step created. These actions are carried out when the sequence is not running, and are shown in a different tab in the Steps Settings Tab:

Follow the steps below to understand how to create a Custom StepType.

1. Launch TestStand and configure the Adapter you are going to use.
2. View Tab >>  Types
3. Right click Step Types >> Insert Step Type
4. Right click the Step type (Type 2 in this example) you have just inserted >> Combine with Step Type >> Action
5. Right click the new Step type (Type 2_2 in this example) >> Properties
6. Check Designate an Adapter
7. Click Default Module and add the code you have developed for the action
8. Select Substeps tab >> Add >> Edit
9. Click Specify Module and add the code that will act on the first step you have inserted