Upgrade PXI(e) Controllers from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Updated Nov 1, 2022



  • PXI-8840
  • PXIe-8840
  • PXIe-8821
  • PXIe-8880


  • Windows 10 IoT Upgrade License

This article provides instructions on how to upgrade PXI(e) Controllers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using Windows 10 IoT Field Upgrade Kit (PN 787535-03). You will require your NI PXI(e) controller and the USB flash drive that you received when you purchased the upgrade kit. After following the steps provided, your controller should have its operating system updated.

In order to install the upgrade kit, please follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that your controller's BIOS version is compatible with the upgrade.
  2. Plug the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports of the PXI(e) controller before powering on the controller.
  3. Power on the controller.
  4. During the boot, press the <F10> key to access the boot menu.
  5. Select the USB drive as the boot option.
  6. Select the drive configuration and press the Next button. 
    • Note: The default configuration is recommended for most users. This option will wipe the contents of the entire hard drive
  7. Select the Windows language you wish to install and press the Next button. 
  8. Press the Finish button to begin Windows 10 IoT upgrade. 
  9. Eject the USB Field Upgrade Kit when the upgrade process is complete. 

Additional Information

  • NI only officially supports using the Field Upgrade Kit on the PXI-8840 and PXIe-8821/8840/8880.
  • The Field Upgrade Kit is intended for NI PXI(e) Controllers only. Using it in a non-NI Product will result in a warning message and is unsupported by NI.
  • The Field Upgrade Kit can be used for recovery purposes. 
  • Each Field Upgrade Kit can be used to upgrade only one PXI(e) Controllers. Each Field Upgrade Kit comes with a unique Microsoft Certification of Authenticity (COA) which proves that the operating system is an authentic Microsoft operating system. NI recommends attaching the Microsoft COA label on the PXI(e) Controllers to avoid losing it.