Add Raw Frame Logs for XNET Devices in FlexLogger.

Updated Oct 15, 2020



  • FlexLogger

Raw frame logging for CAN interfaces is useful when you need the exact timestamps of when messages are sent and received from the hardware. You can use a program such as DIAdem for post-processing of the data. Additionally, you can use the log files you create to replay the frames.

  1. In FlexLogger, complete the signal configuration of the port for which you want to enable raw frame logging.
  2. Click the Interface Settings button to open the settings popup
  3. Click the Enable raw frame logging checkbox and click OK to finish.                                                                                 
  4. When it is confirmed that the Raw Logging channel has been added to the Channel Specification, click Run to start logging.

When logging is complete, you can see that the raw frames have been recorded with timestamps.