LabVIEW Code To Control S5090 Need CMT Software Still Opening

Updated Nov 10, 2020

Reported In


  • CMT PXIe-S5090


  • LabVIEW


  • FlexRIO

Issue Details

Before you run LabVIEW code to control the S5090 , you need to open the CMT software (CMT PXI S2VNA) first. Or not , you will see below error when running LV vi.

Then open the CMT software (CMT PXI S2VNA) , you will see below sub-window.

You can not to click the button "Run" to open the measurement window. It is showing that the VNA are running now.


1. Open the Window Task Manger to check the Process list, manual close the related process about S2VNA.exe

2. Reopen the CMT driver again , you could see the normal status as below

Click the button "Run" to open the measurement window as below´╝Ü

3. Re-try to run the LV code , you will see the result was OK.

The measurement result was same as the result of CMT software.

Additional Information

From CMT side information , S5090 could not support that running LV code with the CMT software closing. It is one known issue , CMT side will continue to fix the issue in future.