What Do Initialization, Main Page, RT Driver and Constants VIs Do in Custom Device Template Project for VeriStand?

Updated Oct 18, 2021

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  • LabVIEW
  • VeriStand
  • VeriStand Custom Devices

Issue Details

I am developing a custom device for VeriStand for the first time. When I open the template project, I see four major components, namely, Initialization.vi, Main Page.vi, RT Driver.vi and Constant.vi, but what do they do?


Initialization VI
It runs in the background when the custom device is first added to the system definition. The initialization page does not run again unless the operator removes and re-adds the custom device.

Main Page VI
It runs whenever the operator clicks on the on the custom device’s top-level item in System Explorer’s configuration tree.

RT Driver VI
It defines the behavior of the custom device on the execution host. The RT Driver VI runs on the execution host regardless of the target’s operating system.

Constants VI
It is basically a global variable that is used to share data across the custom device.

Additional Information

Custom devices enable you to customize and extend the functionality of NI VeriStand by packaging LabVIEW code, or any code you can call from LabVIEW, into a "device" that you can add to an NI VeriStand system definition file and deploy to a target.