Can I dynamically convert the 'Halt' opcodes to behave like 'Keep_alive' in Digital Pattern Editor?

Updated Nov 5, 2020

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  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver

Issue Details

I have a Digital Pattern File (.digipat) where the last vector is 'Keep_Alive'. I am using the Keep Alive:Halt on keep_alive Opcode Property in LabVIEW to make it behave as an 'Halt' opcode. 
Can I similarly make an 'Halt' opcode behave as 'Keep_Alive' progrmatically?


  • Unfortunately, there is no property in the Digital Pattern Driver available that allows you to convert the Halt opcode into Keep_Alive programatically. Instead you'll have to manually change the Halt opcode to Keep_Alive in your Digital Pattern File (.digipat).
  • If you have too many DIGIPAT files and it is infeasible to manually correct all of them, you could automate the process by using the Digital Pattern Compiler EXE, which is capable of decompiling binary DIGIPAT files to raw text DIGIPATSRC files and vice versa. Once you have the text files, all that needs to be done is to use a string search and replace function (to replace "Halt" with "keep_alive") in the language you wish to automate this in and then recompile it back to DIGIPAT file using the Digital Pattern Compiler EXE.

Additional Information

There is a LabVIEW VI attached that takes multiple pairs of DIGIPAT and PINMAP files as input and replaces 'Halt' with 'keep_alive' (or vice-versa) in the resulting DIGIPAT files.