Maximum Number of Simultaneous DAQmx Taks in a FieldDAQ Device

Updated Oct 9, 2020

Reported In


  • Current Input Device for FieldDAQ
  • Voltage Input Device for FieldDAQ
  • Temperature Input Device for FieldDAQ


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I'm reviewing the specifications of my FielDAQ device and I want to know how many DAQmx tasks can simultaneously run in the device.

I've looked at the following information but there is no section for FieldDAQ devices.

CompactDAQ and CompactRIO Simultaneous Tasks (DAQmx Manual)


The maximum amount of DAQmx tasks that a single FieldDAQ device can run simultaneously is one.

This is due to the amount of timing resources the FieldDAQ device has access to.

In general, FieldDAQ devices only have access to one timing engine. This means that even if the device has multiple banks they still share the timing resource, which gets reserved by the first DAQmx task that runs.

Additional Information

For the specific sample rates of the device when using multiple channels within the same tasks you can review this specification on the device's user guide.