I Have the Error 80501044 Using the Denso Robot Interface Software

Updated Oct 8, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories


HW : Denso Robot, CTS II (and later)

SW : Denso Robot Interface (Version 1.3.2 and later)

Issue Details

I have the error code 8F501044 when I'm using the Denso Robot Interface Software.

The error on the mini pendant is 80501044 :


You have to :

- Set the mini-pendant to manual by turning the keyand
- Set the controller to manual by pushing the associate button from Auto to Manual
- Clear the error
- Press HALT COM button
- Select Permit and check if you have Permission RW

If this following error happens when you pushed the HALT COM button :
Follow this procedure : 

1) Open Wincaps software
2) Select the Programmer mode in the User level tab when the software starts

You will have to re do the first described procedure to put the Permission RW. Once it is done, put back the Operator mode in Wincaps using the same procedure.

Additional Information

The error code 80501044 and the error code 8F501044 have the same meaning.
Those error mean that the controller doesn't have the permission to read communication datas.