What Is the Maximum Rise Time on Vcc With MP300 TC3?

Updated Sep 30, 2020

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- MP300 TC3 


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I would like to adjust the rise time on Vcc with the MP300 TC3 I am using.
What is the maximum rise time on Vcc with MP300 TC3?



According to the technical characteristics of the MP300 TC3: 

Vcc fall and rise time can be adjusted from
20 ns to 1.8 V / ms with a resolution of 20 ns.

Also, applicable values for Vcc are between
0 and 9V with a resolution of 5 mV and a precision of +/- 9mV.

To reach 9V it will take 5ms with Vcc rise time evolving at 1.8 V / ms.

With these combinations of technical characteristics
Vcc maximum applicable value + Vcc rise time range

Maximum Vcc rise time is 5ms.