Property Loader Source Error When Using Empty File Path for Source Location

Updated Oct 12, 2020

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am specifying a TestStand variable to store the file path location of the property loader source. My variable will be initially empty and is populated with a file path at run-time. If the variable does not evaluate to a valid file path location at edit-time, a red icon with the following error appears at the right side of the Property Loader Source box:

Source Name        Errors
Source 0 :        Unable to evaluate source location;

When I run the Sequence Analyzer, the following message is returned:

Message     : Source 0:Property Loader file location cannot be empty.
File        : <None>
Location    : <None>
Rule        : Property Loader source should be proper
Description : Property Loader source should exists. The source should be according to valid format.

Why is it not possible to include an empty file path as the source location of the Property Loader?


By default, the Property Loader requires a file path location from which data will be imported to TestStand properties. In addition, the TestStand Sequence Analyzer defines a rule to check whether you specified a valid path to an existing file. You can disable this rule in the TestStand Sequence Editor by clicking the Current Sequence Analyzer Project button on the Sequence Analyzer toolbar or by selecting Debug» Sequence Analyzer» Current Sequence Analyzer Project to open the Current Sequence Analyzer Project window and the most recently opened analyzer project file. Next, uncheck the checkbox of the rule titled “Property Loader source should be proper”. You may alternatively modify the severity of the rule to “Information” or “Warning” by using the Severity ring control to change the severity level.
If you do not want to modify the Sequence Analyzer rules, you may specify a valid file path to a dummy file and subsequently modify the path at run-time.