Dimensional Drawings For NI PXIe 797xR

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • PXIe-7976
  • PXIe-7975
  • PXIe-7971
  • PXIe-7972

Issue Details

I am looking for the 3D CAD model files of PXIe 7976R. I looked for them on the dimensional drawings page of the NI website, but they weren't available there. Where will I be able to find them?


The 3D CAD models or dimensional drawings are not available for the PXIe 7976R. However, the PXIe 7976R or any PXIe-797xR card is physically identical to the PXIe 7975R due to which its 3D CAD model can be used for the PXIe 797xR as well.