How to Use T-Clk When Using FPGA IDLs in PXIe-517x

Updated Sep 22, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-5172
  • PXIe-5171
  • PXIe-5170

Issue Details

I can use PXIe-5172 T-Clk synchronization through shipping example (niScope EX Multi-Device Generic Sync (TClk).vi) when I using scope APIs. But, How can I sync TClk when I use IDLs?


NI-TClk support is only possible with NI-SCOPE. The source for the NI-SCOPE default personality FPGA image is not publicly available. 

Alternatively, you can use the Sync IDL. The Sync IDL is an internal IDL that can provide TClk-like synchronization on many of our reconfigurable devices. You will not be able to use the NI-TClk API to synchronize devices in this case. However, the Sync IDL will enable you to achieve similar synchronization performance without NI-SCOPE. It is important to know which devices you want to synchronize so that we can determine if the Sync IDL will be appropriate.