Accessing Your ASAM ODS Server From DataFinder With UniPlot

Updated Dec 15, 2022



  • DataFinder Server
  • UniPlot Software DataPlugin
  • DIAdem

Using NI DataFinder Server Edition 2013 to set up an ASAM ODS compliant server is a breeze and can be accomplished in 12 steps as can be seen in the tutorial Set Up Your ASAM ODS Server in 12 Steps. After setting up your ASAM ODS server, you can then use any ASAM ODS client to view and access the data.
This tutorial will focus on using UniPlot to access the data from an ASAM ODS Server set up with NI DataFinder Server Edition. Before we can use UniPlot to access the data, please make sure you have completed all of the steps in the white paper Set Up Your ASAM ODS Server in 12 Steps.

  1. Before opening UniPlot, there is some information that we will need to gather from the ASAM ODS Server from the DataFinder Manager. Open the DataFinder Manager and in the tool bar go to Settings » ASAM ODS Server…

Figure 1. In the DataFinder Server Manager, open the dialog box with information about the running ASAM ODS Server.


  1. In the dialog box that appears, take note of the following information. We will need to tell UniPlot the connection parameters to the ASAM ODS Server.

Figure 2.  Take note of the connection parameters.


  1. Open UniPlot.
  2. In the tool bar navigate to Tools » Add-In Manager.

Figure 3. Navigate to the Add-In Manager to enable the ASAM ODS browser.


  1. In the Add-In Manager, enable the ASAM-ODS Browser with Corba-Interface (API 4) and click OK.

Figure 4. Enable the ASAM-ODS Browser with Corba-Interface.


  1. Restart the UniPlot application.
  2. Now connect to the ASAM ODS Server. Go to File » AODS-4-Browser... Use AODS-4 Change Login... to switch between ASAM ODS Servers.

Figure 5. These two menu items will be added. Select AODS-4 Browser…to connect to the ASAM ODS Server.


  1. The first time we set up a connection to the ASAM-ODS Server, we need to insert the connection parameter information. Take the information you collected in step 2 and insert it into the ASAM-ODS 4 Login box. The Servername, Port, Service, and Service Type inputs are required and case sensitive. The User Name and Password are optional parameters. Once you have entered in all of the connection parameters, click OK.

Figure 6. Enter the connection parameters for your ASAM Server. This information can be found in the DataFinder Server Manager.


  1. You will then be presented with the following dialog box to name the ASAM ODS Server connection. Enter whatever alias you would like.

Figure 7.  Enter an alias to connect to the ASAM ODS Server at another time.


  1. The ASAM ODS Browser should now appear. You can now look through your data.

Figure 8. Browse through your data using UniPlot’s AODS-Browser.


At this point you can browse through the ASAM ODS Server for your data.