Remove LabVIEW Block Diagram During Teststand Deployment

Updated Sep 28, 2023

Teststand sequence files can be deployed to the production line or to be sent to the end-user. But, there are a few cases where we need to hide the LabVIEW block diagram that is being used as the code modules in Teststand to avoid changes and protect the LabVIEW code.
This article will be showing the way to remove the block diagram for LabVIEW using the Teststand Deployment Utilities.

  1. After finishing the Teststand sequence file built, you can deploy it using the Teststand Deployment Utility. Open the Teststand Deployment Utility
    1. Click Start >> Teststand Deployment Utility >> Enter; or
    2. In the Teststand Development interface, click Tools >> Deploy Teststand System
  2. After you have configured the Mode and System Source, go to the Distributed Files Tab.
  3. Click LabVIEW Options.
  4. Under General LabVIEW VI Options, tick the Remove Block Diagrams and press OK.

The deployed Teststand sequence will prevent you from viewing the block diagrams of LabVIEW even you can open the Front Panel. The Show Block Diagram option will be greyed out and not clickable.