Connecting Differential Signals to 1-Wire Multiplexer Switch

Updated Dec 1, 2020

Reported In


  • PXI Multiplexer Switch Module
  • PXI-2545
  • PXI-2595
  • PXI-2597
  • PXI-2797
  • PXI-2547
  • PXI-2557
  • PXIe-2593
  • PXIe-2748

Issue Details

  • I need to route a differential signal through my 1-Wire Multiplexer Switch. Is this possible?
  • I want to connect a differential signal to my PXI-2547 Switch but it only has one COM connector.


The 1-Wire Multiplexer Switch topology is for Single-Ended switching. Therefore, it is not possible to connect a differential signal to this topology.

Additional Information

In order to setup a differential configuration with a Multiplexer Switch Topology, it will be required to use a 2-Wire (differential) or 4-Wire Multiplexer. Similarly, two Single-Ended Multiplexer modules can be used to switch each signal path in the differential pair.