Customizing Veristand Tool Launcher

Updated Nov 20, 2023

Issue Details

I would like to personalize the VeriStand Tool Launcher Tab adding my own custom tool. Is it possible to do it?


Unfortunately VeriStand does not allow to add a custom tool to the Tool Launcher.
An alternative approach could be to embedd the custom tool in a VI and add such VI to the VeriStand Project files as follows:
  • Right click on the .nivsprj item in the VeriStand Project Files tab of the Workspace
  • Select "Add File"
  • Navigate to the local folder containing the VI to be added to the VeriStand Project

Additional Information

If you need to add a VI calling one or more subVIs to the Project Files, you will need to compile a Source Distribution and specify the main VI (i.e. the VI to be added in VeriStand) as the top-level VI of the Source Distribution