Archived:Allen Bradley PLC5 in Lookout

Updated Oct 12, 2021

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  • Lookout Server

Using PLC5 programming software to configure Allen Bradley hardware and configuring an Allen Bradley PLC5 in Lookout.

Setting Up Allen Bradley PLC5 in PLC5 Programming Software

Allen Bradley PLC5 can be programmed with the Allen Bradley 6200 Series Programming Software. Complete the following steps to connect your PLC5 with the programming software.
1. Launch the 6200 Series PLC5 Programming software

3814 Check the Current Device and PLC Address settings on the opening screen.

2. Check to see if it is possible to go online. Press <F2> to view the online configuration.

Press the corresponding function keys to change the settings if necessary. These online configurations should be identical in Lookout . Write down the online configuration settings for future reference, if necessary.

3. Press <Esc> to return to the main menu, then press <F1> to go to Online Program.

The comm light on the PLC should start blinking.

4. Now you should be able to see all the files that are installed in the PLC memory. (We are assuming that the Ladder Logic program file has already been created and loaded onto the PLC). Select the file to monitor then press <F8>.

5. Now we can monitor the Ladder Logic program file inside the memory of the PLC.

6. Press <F7> to enter the general utilities submenu, then press <F4> to enter see the Channel Overview.

This gives overview of different comm modes. For example, Channel 0 on the PLC is connected to the serial port, Channel 2 to Ethernet, etc.

7. Press <Esc> to return to the General Utilities menu. Then press <F1> to view the memory map.

This view lists the memory layout of the PLC. You can create new files in the memory here, but you will have to be in PROG mode to do this. Set the mode from the Online Program screen.

Now you have enough information about this software and PLC to get started.

Setting Up Allen Bradley PLC5 in Lookout and Lookout Protocol Drivers

1. Close all software applications that are currently communicating with the PLC5. Start Lookout or Lookout Protocol Drivers and create a new object by selecting Object >> Create.

2. Create a new AB_PLC5 object.

3. Enter the PLC configuration.
Make sure the settings are the same as those used in your PLC5 programming software.

4. By now the PLC5 should be configured in Lookout or Lookout Protocol Drivers. You can start accessing the registers on the PLC.

Before you start accessing any datamembers, it is best to know what datamembers are available for the particular object. For the complete list of AB_PLC5 object datamembers, refer to the Lookout Help.