Configure IP Address And Mode of PXI Automotive Ethernet at MAX

Updated Sep 21, 2020



  • PXIe-8521
  • PXIe-8522
  • PXIe-8523



The NI Automotive Ethernet Interface Module communicates with Automotive Ethernet so that you can use the NI‑XNET driver or standard networking drivers to develop applications that require Automotive Ethernet to test and validate automotive electronic control units (ECUs). This article will go through how to configure the NI Automotive Ethernet Module settings at the MAX and Device Manager.

  1. Confirm that Intel i210 driver installs to detect your Automotive Ethernet device in Windows Device Manager. The driver should be automatically installed by the operating system. If it's not installed, you could download it at the following link and install it manually. Downloads for Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Series
  2. Ensure the NI-XNET 19.0 or later driver installed. Please refer to NI-XNET download and readme for the updated features of each version. 
  3. Make note of the OS Network Adapter Name assigned to the Ethernet interface you want to configure. For example, OS Network Adaptor Name is Local Area Connection 4. 

  1. Go to the adaptor setting by selecting Network & Internet settings » Change adapter options

  1. You'll see the Ethernet interfaces detected by the OS. To set the IP address, right-click on that interface and go to Properties.

  1. Go to Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) » Properties

  1. Use the following IP address. Then set the IP address and subnet mask that you want.

  1. You can confirm the IPv4 Address is changed into that you set.

  1. Set the Port Mode between the Direct and Tap. For more details about the Port mode, please refer to the following link. Using Ethernet

  1. Set the PHY State as Master or Slave. For more details about the PHY State, please refer to the following link. Interface:Ethernet:PHY State