Request Repair or Calibration for NI Hardware

Updated Nov 2, 2023




This process applies to all NI hardware products and systems including NHR
Follow the steps below to initiate a request with NI if your hardware needs repair (RMA) or calibration. 

  1. Navigate to the NI Service Request Manager (SRM) via
  2. Login with your account
  3. Select the relevant task, Clibrate or Repair, from the Service Request Manager (SRM) homepage
  1. Enter the NI hardware product that is in need of repair or calibration. For systems like NHR, BTS, STS, use the form link instead.
enter serial.png
  1. Complete the necessary fields (i.e. Title, Description) and answer the questions show to provide NI with the necessary information to process your request.

Next Steps

NI will contact you via the preferred method you selected to continue to RMA or calibration request.